Egg boxes as brand ambassadors

On the egg shelf, where products seem interchangeable, the packaging is decisive for sales success.

And producers who ensure that their egg cartons avoid the conventional monotony of moulded pulp and plastic are more likely to end up in the shopping trolley.

The eggbox gives you a unique and unmistakable way to present your product, since every inch of the eggbox is printable. Your logo, your farm, your team, your region, your story: we can put anything onto your egg carton. Go for an elegant and classy matt or a bright high gloss. Your wish is our command.

Your egg box becomes an impressive advert, giving you the full power of clean, sharp offset printing. No print run is too small – or too big.

New ideas

All too often, egg boxes look confusingly similar: a chicken, an egg, the compulsory details … but eggbox can do more. Much more! Whatever you can imagine for upgrading your egg packing, we can print it.

Do you want your box to tell the story of your success? Introduce your family business? Include competitions or recipes?

Or advertise other products as well? How about a QR code that links to your website?

Every inch of eggbox is printable, so there’s plenty of space for your ideas.


Your eggs deserve more than just cheap egg cartons. They deserve plenty of attention and proper presentation. Also (and especially) at POS. Rescue your quality products from the dreary world of moulded fibre and turn your egg cartons into appealing adverts. Getting the message across on the egg shelf with a recognisable brand – that’s eggbox.

Technically mature

The eggbox is highly stable, ideal for stacking and runs on all types of sorting machines and denesters while exhibiting extraordinarily reliable performance. It combines first-rate design with flawless functionality.


Need a helping hand?

At your service! Whether you need a fast shipment of our standard print designs or conceptual work for your individual eggbox: we’re here to help.

Any questions? Please get in touch.